John's Experience Speaks for Itself

John Di Lemme’s entire career has revolved around changing lives and turning around businesses. His strategic consulting/coaching and marketing expertise has generated over 150 Million Dollars in business for his clients and assisted them with building a loyal customer base by providing extreme customer service. John’s clients include doctors, lawyers, realtors, entrepreneurs, network marketers, consultants, CEOs of million dollar companies, and various other occupations that are thriving no matter the type of business or local economy.

What Makes John Different?

John’s systematic, individualized approach with his clients is what differentiates him from others in his industry. His overall goal is to not only help his clients dramatically improve their bottom line, but also build a rock-solid customer base that will support their businesses for many years to come. John also assists his clients with generating qualified leads, increasing sales, hiring competent team members, improving presentation skills, overcoming objections, and a vast array of other challenges that entrepreneurs and business owners face on a daily basis that ultimately make or break their businesses.

John has the unique, uncanny ability to recommend and suggest strategic business concepts and ideas to produce what others may not see for themselves. He sees the unforeseen with his faithful marketing eyes and studies relentlessly to stay in the forefront of emerging business trends, market opportunities, and potential profitability. John’s success of his clients and his commitment to their success has made him one of the most sought after high-end business consultants in the world.


Areas of Consulting and Coaching Expertise

Marketing (Online/Offline)
Motivation and Personal Development
Providing Extreme Customer Service
Creating Customer Experiences to Develop Loyalty
Branding and Product/Service Promotion
Product Development and Offers
Team Building and Maintaining Morale
Implementing Strategic Systems and Productivity
Effective Hiring and Firing
Time Management and Scheduling
Qualified Lead Generation and Customer Reactivation
Presentation Skills – Building, Delivering, and Closing Presentation
Speaking and Increasing Confidence as a Speaker
Overcoming Adversity and Conquering Obstacles
Increasing Sales and Overall Profitability
Starting or Rebuilding a Business (Small, Large, or Entrepreneur)

Types of Consulting and Coaching






Small Business

Fortune 500 Companies

Billion Dollar Firms

All of John's Consulting and Coaching Options are Private and Confidential.

Raving Reviews from Current Clients

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